WD Livewire 200 - Return from holiday, and now they wont sync up

Hi there.

I’ve been using my WD Livewire 200 kits for years, one in the bedroom where the router is (i know…**bleep** australian housing?) and one in the study - which is supplying internet to my and my wifes office PCs.

We’ve just returned from a week away, and after firing up the power on the devices, they are refusing to sync up with eachother. They’ve gone through various powercuts, and power cycles in the past and never had a problem.

They both light up to power - and correctly identify the cat5 ports in use - however, after pressing the ‘sync’ button for less than 3 seconds (and whilst it’s blinking) between devices within 2 mins - but the 2 mins time out and they just return to solid power light only.

I’ve tried moving them to a single powerpoint in the kitchen, (a double wall socket) and yet they still wont sync together.

Any more ideas - apart from hold sync for less than 3 seconds?


Hi, welcome to the community.

The livewire has a reset button underneath, I would recommend you to press it for seconds and then try to sync them again

. WD_Livewire_reset.jpg