WD LiveBook Issue

My WD Live crash once before and now it crash again, but I was able to recover all my data. The question is -

  1. Should I format that harddrive and use it again or should I buy a new harddrive to work with?

  2. If buy a new harddrive to work with, is there any special way to format it or is it a plug/play?

If you ask what happen to the HDD - It once crash on me and I was not able to see it online or access it. After I open up my livebook case and take out the HDD to format it; it works again. And today it’s down again. I had it for over a year before it went bad and then after 6-7month; it went bad again.

If you have taken it out of the enclosure and formatted it, you would have deleted the Debian Linux OS and the drive would never boot again. I think you may have another hard drive other than the MyBookLive

Don’t know, but I did do a full formatting on it and it’s fine for 5-6month then happen again. Any suggestion at the moment?