WD Live TV Plus connection problems with RAID drive


I recently picked up a WD Live TV Plus.  It’s worked great so far and I’ve connected it to a variety of external hard drives thus far. 

The problem arose when I tried to connect it to my external RAID enclosure with a 3TB RAID 1 Array. 

I made the sure the firmware was upgraded and everything seemed to up to par yet it still will not recognize the enclosure when connected. 

The enclosure has a LCD display on the front which registers any time a connection is made and it does say “USB Connected” when I plug it into the WD Live box but the box does not recognize the connection.

Any advice or tips? 

For reference purposes.  The enclosure is a SansDigital TowerSTOR TS2CT with two 3TB Seagate Barracuda XT drives.

Thanks in advance!



Hi there, you need the firmware version listed on this articleto allow a 3TB drive to be seen on the media player, and even if you have the firmware, not every external drive can work.