WD LIVE TV disconnects from my NAS after playing video for a while

I have a NAS DLINK DNS-323 and a WD LIVE TV box.  When I select mediashare I can find all my files, I select the one I want and it plays - for some time, maybe 10 minutes maybe 40 minutes or more, it then gives me an error message about  no network connection.  If I go back and reselect the file, it asks me do I want to resume, which I do, and the process repeats again after 10, 20 or minutes and error message.

If I use network share option I have no problems.  I can’t see any difference in picture quality, can I forget about the mediashare option and just use network share, or is there some advantage to mediashare?

Athough I no longer use it, it does the same with PlayOn on my computer with mediashare!

Network share is perfectly OK. Media server just presents your files in a nicer way.