Wd live streaming on network?

Boxing day sales are coming…time for me to figure out what to buy…

Searched through and read several posts - but a clear answer didn’t come up. (Although I’m guessing from what I read I’ll be buying more than one wd live box…)

My basic questions is: can one wd live box stream to two different tv’s (not at same time…) across a home network.

Info: I have a tv upstairs and downstairs. The downstairs tv is networked to a pc so I can watch movies/internet from it currently. I want to add the wd live to the tv upstairs and it will be wired to the network.  So can I access the wd live from the downstairs tv through the network (and some sort of remote repeater or something to get the remote signal upstairs) or would it be easier to just get two wd live boxes?  (Or would the “hub” make any difference?)

I could just use the wd live upstairs and keep the downstairs tv hooked up to PC I suppose…guess I thought it would be more streamlined (aka wife-friendly) if both tv’s used the same format.

Appreciate your input. :slight_smile:

You are going to need two WDTV SMP’s.  The WDTV SMP connects to the TV either via HDMI or Composite so you therefore need a WDTV SMP attached to either TV’s.

You can however stream from a drive attached to the bedroom WDTV SMP to the WDTV SMP in the lounge room.

Thanks - figured I need two…but couldn’t hurt to ask.