WD Live Streaming Loading Time

I have just purchased a WD Live Streaming Media Player.  Had it for two days and about to take it back.  It is taking ages to load anything onto it.  I am talking like hours.  Ok first time i would expect a bit of time but not the next day when it has already loaded the movies etc.  It appears to be finished but when i go into something ot watch it just keeps trying to load.

Is there something i should do to make this process faster.  I have not been able to actually watch anything as it has just been loading the files.  

I have a 1T Hard drive pluges into the USB ports on the Media Player.  Also have it conected to the network and have a 2T hard drive connected to the computer which I have on the network.

It is just too much for the Media Player.  I was having the same problem when it was just the one pluges into the USB port.

Any help would be great.


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this situation.

Have you tried resetting the media player?

Check the user manual on page 198 for information about resetting the unit.