WD Live SMP and HDMI Switcher


I recently upgraded my WD Live Gen 1 to WD Live SMP. I have my WD connected to a HDMI automatic switcher together with my set top box and PS3.

One thing that I immediately noticed was that the switcher stopped changing the input source automatically. It worked fine with WD Gen 1 and then it stopped as soon as WD SMP was connected.

After some search I found out the HDMI CEC setting and did what was recommended: reset to factory defaults, set CEC to Yes and reboot. Nothing happened, that is, after turning on the WD SMP the source is not automatically changed.

Can someone help me? Could it be that the WD CEC feature has some sort of problem?

Thank you.

Kind regards.


I have the same problem the only workaround I use is to hold the power button down on the remote for 3 secs and this fully turns the unit off and thus making the HDMI switch work again,not ideal but it works for me,sadly I had told the missus this would be quicker to use than our old WDTV live, but not being able to use the standby on it has meant it takes about the same time to get to play something…ho hum.

Thanks for the tip x6461. I tried and it worked.

Now let’s hope WD fixes this in a future upgrade. Makes no sense something that worked in a Gen 1 WD stops working in a newer model.