WD Live - remember position in media library?

Hi there,

I’m using the media library on my WD Live with the Titan Theme and the gallery view Always when I chosse “Movies” from the home-menu, the view starts at the beginning - with the first movie in the list (e.g. “12 years a slave”). So when I want to continue a movie I sartet to watch (e.g. “Rocky Balboa”) I always must skip through the pages till I find the movie in the list.
Is there a way for the WD/MB to remember the position of the last played movie and it leads me to the corresponding page in the view, or does it always start at the beginning?

Thanx in advance…


Unless you press the Option Button and add the Movie to “Favorites”
Then, press [down arrow on the remote] on Movies from the home-menu which will bring up Favorites

this works with the Default WD Mochi Theme, not sure if Titan Theme Supports it ?

Thanx for the hint.
Too bad this won’t work an easier way…

Come to think of it, there is also “Recently Viewed” to select from on the Home Menu drop down