Wd live problem please help

hi people ive a brand new wd  live media player running thru a hitachi life studi  external drive,the films are on the drive as i can play through vlc  but when i connect thrugh my tv  the wd player says no media storage

can someone please help



Not all external USB harddrives are compatible with the WD media centers. Check the compatible list.

Just about any HD should work with the player.  I have Hitachis connected and also have had WD drives connected.  Xan you give additional info?  There is not much to go on so far.

hiya its a hitachi lifestyle desk plus 2 tb drive when i click video/storage device  usually the films appear but it just says no media storage?the drive is brand new ive also a wd 2 tb drive that works great


Are you saying that you have two drives and one works and the other doesn’t when connected at the same exact location on the WD, or is each connected in one of the two USB slots on the WD and you have both connected to WD?