WD live preferred ID3 tag ver?

I am still in the early stages of using my WD Live Plus and WD Live Media Hub. I have converted many of my movies to a MP4 format due to the ID3 tags and the imbedded cover you can add. Does WD Live have a preferred version I should be writing my tags in?

Tag Name Writable Values / Notes
ID3v1 - --> ID3 v1 Tags
ID3v1_Enh - --> ID3 v1_Enh Tags
ID3v2_2 - --> ID3 v2_2 Tags
ID3v2_3 - --> ID3 v2_3 Tags
ID3v2_4 - --> ID3 v2_4 Tags

Would their be a difference in Music vs. Movies?

I realize that movie sheets is really the next step in the onscreen evolution and I am working toward that style. I have been frustrated with the lack of information on utilizing the ID3 tag format. Very little in the forums.

I have been using Mp3tag editor for updating my files. Looking for the best version to save in.


With no quick answers forth coming  I continued to research best method for ID3 tags and MP4 format. Most of what I read was from Wikipedia on MP4 format and what I could understand off of ID3.org. The latest two versions being the suggested format.

“While there are legacy and future standards for ID3 tags, the most popular version implemented today is ID3 version 2.3. A follow on version, 2.4, is  documented on this website but has not achieved popular status due to some disagreements on some of the revisions and the tremendous inertia present in the software and hardware marketplace.” ~ ID3.org.

I will have to play around with my Media Live Hub and see if I can find any advantages of v2.3 over v2.4. If anyone else has somthing to add to the thread please take the stage.

After I get my files in order next step is movie sheets anyway.

For the WD live I don’t believe the tag version is too important. It does not use much of the information within the tag anyway.