WD Live Plus with MyBook as Media Server

I have the media server active for the shares on the MyBook and media library active on the WD Live Plus. I can access the MyBook shares as Network shares on the WD Live Plus but not as a Media Server? The Mybook user manual states that the Mybook provides a media server for the Live Plus.  I must be missing something here… Thanks… cj

Which My Book?  There are at least four different My Book models…  (World Edition 1 & 2, Live, Duo, etc.)

TonyPH12345… Yeah, I guess you guys need this to help. It is a 2TB Live NAS… Thanks… cj

Ok, a couple of things:

First, the Media Library setting on the Plus has no bearing when you’re using a Media Server;  that’s only for USB disks.

Second, when you try to access the MBL via the Plus, what are you seeing?  Are you seeing the MBL, or are you seeing nothing?  And if you do see the MBL, is it just not listing any content?

When you access the MBL’s Twonky Server manually, are you seeing media in there that way?

TonyPh12345… I see the MBL as a network share only. The media server  is empty.  Not a real problem. I launch media from the share side. I just want to see the MBL’s media server capabilities.  I do not have Twonky. The PC is off for most of the time I am using the WD Live Plus… If the MBL needs Twonky, then I have my answer. The manual did not allude to this though. Thanks… cj

Twonky is the media server buiilt into the MBL.   Are you sure you have it activated correctly?

TonyPH12345… Duh… Not active at all… I thought activating the media on the shares kicked in its Media server… Thanks… cj