WD Live Plus will not play anything at 24p, switches to 60hz when video starts. HELP!

I have manually set  HDMI 24hz, and when i restart the menus are definetely coming in at 24hz. The problem is, whenever I start to play any ripped blu-ray, (or anything else for that matter) it switches back to displaying at 60hz before starting the video. 

I have tried this with a m2ts file I created using any dvd and clown bd, as well as a full blu-ray struture and navigating to the file in the stream folder, as well as trying with an iso. Same thing every time.

I am 100% certain my tv displays at 24p, as any time I play a blu-ray from my player, it shows in 24p.

Any time it auto switches the output back to 60hz, I have to restart the WD live to even get the menus to display in 24p again.

The fact is, the files look amazing, even at 60hz, and I havent noticed any of the stutter others have commented on when playing 24 fps content at a different refreshrate, but this is just BUGGING me.

Someone, PLEASE, have a solution =). Thanks.