WD Live Media player strange case

Hi everybody, new on the forum. i d’like to ask a question regarding a WD live media player I purchased several years ago. The problem is simple, WD works perfectly while plugged to my pc monitor via hdmi, but when I connect it to my LG LCD TV (via HDMI), I get a no signal status on the TV. Both WD works (since it works with my monitor) and TV works (I connect an HTPC through HDMI, and it worked) . For all those connections I used the same HDMI cable, so everything is tested. Do you have any idea, what is wrong??

Thank you in advance. 

likely it’s having a problem with the HDMI handshake

connect a componet & hdmi to the TV

use the component output to navigate to settings, and re-select HDMI

if that does not work, try a factory reset

I am not familiar with HDMI handshake, what do you mean by connect a component? WD is the component, or some other like HTPC, DVD etc? I did a factory reset to both TV and WD I also did a fimware update for both, but nothing happened at all. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

With HDMI the player and TV ‘talk’ to each other (handshake) to see what resolution each supports, sometimes this process does not work and you end up with no picture. Connect to your TV via the A/V cable, if you still have it, and try and set up a manual HDMI. Your player may also have a component output which you can also use.

I connected the media player and the TV through AV OUT. It worked, but I setup manually the HDMI and no luck. Before I switch TV to HDMI input (from , WD switches back to the settings of Component. The Component output gives very bad quality of picture. :frowning:

You could try another HDMI lead, I know that your current lead works with your monitor but it may not work with your TV.