WD Live Hub so SLOW, GigaBit my booty

I bought the WD live Hub for Gigabit file transfers. I can transfer files to WD worldbook on the network at 30MB/sec. But to the hub it 6MB/sec??? That’s slower than my WD live plus could and it wasn’t Gigabit. Anybody got any ideas why the WD Live Hub with 1TB drive and supposed Gigabit port is slower than 10/100 bits / second?

Any help from community or support is appreciated.

Well, to keep this from being rehashed again, you should read this post HERE.

No, I read whole thing and it didn’t help. Nobody ever answered the first question which that guy had i have same type question which is why every other device on my home network can transfer files at 20-30 megaByte per second except this SLOW WD Live Hub. The response to read that other post I began to feel like that original poster did. All the stuff about Wi-Fi channels are irrelevant.

GIGABIT = 125MB theoretical which real world might only be 40MB/sec
All other devices on my small home network (all GIGABIT Ethernet connected) can transfer at 20-30MB/ per second.
This is hardly the theoretical value but at least 2x the speed 10/100 Ethernet. But the hub only transfers at 6MB per second even when connected 3ft from computer

Why is this Hub sooooo slow if it claims gigabit interface. Is the hard drive inside using pencil and paper to transfer data?

The Hub is slow because it’s processor-bound.  But 6 is slow, even for a hub.   I can usually get between 9 and 12 megabytes per second.

Thx Tony. Processor being the bottleneck is an answer that makes sense. Would explain why on Hub is sooo slow. Might just take it back since the Gigabit port was only reason I upgraded from my WD Live.