WD Live hub **bleep**

This thing is a **bleep**!! Says that it plays all kinds of media files and almost every file you try to play gives an error message.

Then you look at the forums and all it is is a bunch of owners trying to figure out the problem and help one another. Pretty sad for the cost of this thing why isn’t western digital  coming up with a firmware repair or patch to fix the problem?

Because they are lazy and if you are willing to try to fix it yourself they are more than happy to let you.

What can I say this thing **bleep**

Threw it in the trash today and bought an Apple TV and guess what IT WORKS!

This thing is just like the windows wireless media center all kinds of promises but no results had one of those too threw it away also.

Way to go Apple atleast one company out ther has theyre **bleep** together

Good luck trying to figure out a product that once again fails to do what it says

You sound angry. Does this mean we have no more of your posts to look forward to?

We will probably see you in the Apple Forums later. I would have though that you would have at least posted your problem before chucking the player in the bin. Never mind if you are happy then so are we. Bye.

01deuce  ?  …  _ “deuce bigalow” _  … coincidence ?

rofl - Apple’s attempt at one of these is an epic failure - it doesn’t play ANY media files except ones you buy from them and is excessivly limited. WD TV blows it away imho.