Wd Live hub 500gb

hello all

i bought a WD Live hub 500gb   i then connected it to wifi  which can be accessed by my pc

then i connected a SEAGATE usb HOMEFLEX 1.5tb hard drive  to it everything seem to work find

i can upload movie to it from my pc to the folder i created on the hub

my problem is for example  usb1 / folder/media/music video folder

i have got 15 video songs on it  then when i add more to the same folder  it doest seem to up date on the hub

so on the tv it only shows 15  video instead of 20   anyone have idea why it doing this

i dont want to used the internal storge   i just want every thing on the 1.5tb

When that happens, turn the media library off and then back on and the unit will scan the connected devices for the new data.

The reason why I suggest that is because it takes some time to update the media library by itself.

thank you for your reply    do you mean  turn of the usb seagate go flexs or do mean the hub  or both

little lost

thanks you