WD Live Duo 8TB NAS cant connect wirelessly on macbook pro

Hello everyone need some help here…

I have just got a WD Live Duo 8TB NAS it is connected to our home wireless router (Sky Hub Fibre).

The NAS connects fine to the windows 7 pc that is wired but my macbook pro running Mavericks cant connect when its on the wireless, it can however work find wired in.

Please can you help as i want to use time machine as access files on the NAS wirelessly.

I have tried to ping the device and it does not pick it up. I have reserved to ip address of the NAS and have made it static too. still no luck.

I can see it in finder under “shared computers” but can not connect to it just says there is a problem.

Any sugesttions  would be grateful.


Hi, review the steps on the following link.