WD Live DUO 6TB - WD Smartware can not see the Device


This is my firs post.  I am hoping that somebody could please point me in the right direction. I have just purchased a WD Live DUO 6TB and set the software up up on one computer in my network (w7 64bit machine) and configured WD Smartware  with success.  I am now configuring the other computer (also a W7 64Bit machine), but  mybook live discovery tool cannot find the device on the network.  I can see the device in the entire network and have mapped the public drive and created a user account and mapped that drive.  I can also use the device to serve media.

I located software in the public share and installed that but once installed the WD Smartware can not see the Western Digital live duo

To troubleshoot I have reset all my network hardware, used windows update, turned off UAC, updated .net framework, updated JRE, updated adobe Flash, uninstalled WD wdsmartware, removed virus protection, turned off the windows firewall, restarted, and then attempted reinstalling from the DVD Drive.  No WD device wasn’t found and I then installed from the public drive on the device.  I then bypassed my switch and connected the WD directly to my computer.  The mapped shares worked but the same problem persists.  I have also updated the firmware.  I would appreciate any advice that anybody can offer.  . .

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Make sure Client for Microsoft Networks is enabled on that computer

Check if the workgroup name is different on that computer

you can map the drive without the CD

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Hi Wizer,

Thank you for your reply.  Client for Microsoft networks is enabled and network discovery is on.  We are both in the same workgroup.  I have mapped and I am currently using the device as network storage.  I was hoping to get the WD software working so as to have an automted backup.  Currently I rely on Allway Sync and will continue to do so until I can find a solution to this.  I have phoned WD support but a level 2 wasn’t on the morning I took off work to call.  I will take another morning off next week if the problem persists.