WD Live dts cd .wav prob after 1.03.35 firmware

I have both a WD TV Live and WD TV Live Pro. 

Both play dts CD .wav files.  I upgraded the WD TV Live to beta firmware 1.03.35 and can no longer play dts cd .wav files on the WD TV Live.

Both the TV Live and TV Live Pro are attached to the network, and play the same files from a shared drive.  WD TV Live Pro still plays dts CD .wav files with no problems.

The same problem with .mkv files with dts - played fine in both WD’s, after 1.03.35 firmware upgrade on WD Live no longer work.  WD Live Pro still plays the dts .wav and dts .mkv just fine.


Try 1G on the FAQ. Sometimes it is necessary to reset the unit after a firmware update. Do all 3 things mentioned before attempting to use the WDTV. If this does not work then you should post your problem in the pre-release thread as it is only a beta and WD are monitoring that thread.


Beta feedback page


I assume that Live Pro is LIve Plus?

Thank you for the reply.

Yes - I meant Plus when I wrote Pro.  Doing too many things at once.

I thought I was posting in the correct thread, I’ll try your suggestions and reply.

unfortunately reset, then unplug power for 20 minutes, and then reset to factory defaults did not work.

I’ll post again in the correct thread.


Do you still have the 1.03.35 firmware as I’m interested in testing it?



testuser wrote:

Do you still have the 1.03.35 firmware as I’m interested in testing it?





You can download it from here:


I got mine from the official WD site when it was still available but I downloaded from the above link just now and all the filesizes and the CRCs match up; it’s legit. :wink: