WD Live does not recognize D-link DWA-125


i bought D-link wireless adapter DWA-125 A2 Firmware 1.30 …my WD live does not recognize it…it works fine on my laptop…

i also upgraded  WD Live with a new firmware, still not working…

what should i do??

Get a different adapter;  It doesn’t appear the A2 is on the supported list.

The only thing that you can do at the moment is:

reset the unit using the paperclip button on the side

reset to factory defaults using the internal menu

unplug the unit from power for some minutes (not seconds)

do all 3 before using the unit again.

Now fit your adaptor to the unit and see if it will recognise it.

If it does not then as Tony said you need to get another adapter. The reason that it works OK on your PC is because you can load in a driver which allows the PC to communicate with the adaptor. The communication on the WDTV is done by the inbuilt firmware and that can handle only a small number of adaptors based on their inner chipsets…