WD Live can't recognize usb drive

Hi, I came across a problem/fix with my WD live player when I took my usb drive out to copy some files to it on my Win7 PC.  When I connected the drive to my PC, Windows displayed a warning msg which I couln’t remember the exact syntax but it asked me if I wanted to fix an error on the drive.  I chose yes and it went on it’s merry way and I was able to copy more movies to it.  When I reconnect the drive to WD, it couldn’t see it and the light on the drive wasn’t blinking at all.  I did the restart, power down/up and reset to no avail.  Something Windows did to that drive caused caused problems for the WD player.  I ended up reformating the drive (NTFS) and that fixed the problem.  It happened to my friend as well.

Hope this helps…

Did you safely remove the USB drive from the Windows machine before unplugging it?