WD Live better when I have a MyCloud?

I’ve purchased a WD Play and a WD MyCloud hoping they will talk to each other nicely. After reading more about this I wonder if I should have bought a WD Live instead, it supports network access, the WD Play only supports DLNA. Is that a problem regarding some file formats etc.? I haven’t unboxed my Play yet, in case I should return it in favor of a Live.

Cheers, Torstein

It really depends on what you want to do.  DLNA doesn’t support some formats, that’s correct.

I favor the WD TV Live over the Play (I’ve used both) – if you can afford the higher price, the Live does more.

I tried to keep my WD Play hoping it would be sufficient for my needs. I have discovered that it does not view jpg of high res stored on my WD MyCloud. Movies, music and low res jpg works fine, but 99% of my pictures wont’t show. Not happy :slight_smile: