WD Live and NBG4115 Router

Hi, i have a WD Live TV  Media Player, and a Zyxel NBG4115 Router witch supports HDD over USB , all the computers in the network can see the HDD attached to the Router except the WD LIVE TV Media Player, the WD Player is connected in the network the internet is working and the network shares to, except the HDD attached do Router…

Any ideas why it dos not work, and how can i fix this ?

Cannot find any reference in the Zyxel NBG4115 manual that this supports Windows File Sharing. So WDTV Live will not be able to access the HDD.

Move the HDD to one of your computers and share it from there.


Here is a list of compatible devices with the WD TV Live Media Player , unfortunately your router is not listed and is not guarateed is going to work 100% with your media player.-

Libralul:   Make sure that the WORKGROUP names match EXACTLY.