Wd li google install

hello.i need to know if i can instaal google search to wd livehd  player

Google search?   To search for what?



To open the “Secret” Google Browser … (For SMP & HUB Latest Firmwares)


Press the following buttons on your Remote Control


Setup > About > OK  >

(This is the “Search Button” located bottom left on your remote)


Wait a few seconds and Google Web Browser will Launch.

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very cool how the heck do you find this stuff ? dont assume there is another way to get there ? 



I did’nt find it … Forum Member “Medic” did 


There is no other way of Launching the Browser … because it was one of WD’s little Experimental Tests they included in


latest Firmware Updates … but did’nt tell anyone



Incidentally, it’s not a “Google Browser.”  It’s just a plain webbrowser where the home page is defaulted to Google.  ;)

Yeah well,  “tomato’s” … “tomahto’s”

It’s a Simple Web Browser with “Google”  as the Start Page

Get over it TonyPh123456789ABCDEFGHIJK …etc :stuck_out_tongue:

At least i provided some sort of … “Relative Answer”   to the Original Post


Instead of yours … “Google search?   To search for what?”