WD is very unprofessional and damaging - RMA

Anyone else waiting for their RMA to ship after being told it shipped and given a tracking number?

If a WD employee sees this, RMA 0060234428

Gave tracking a week ago 1Z533WF70331991875

It still says UPS is waiting for the package.

I know a business colleague that also needed a replacement drive or their office data was going to fail, and WD is doing the same thing. How horrible and unprofessional. Paid $25 for fast service too, and instead, they took the money, and faked a shipment?

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Me too. order 60234548 , they took my payment, even non-refundable $25 it said.
And then never shipped. Its been over a week. What did I pay for?
Seems illegal, not just unprofessional, to bait and switch and charge fees for doing nothing?

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Same here, not advanced rma on mine, i sent them bad drive nov 20, and 2 weeks later it still says pending return, i click the “dispute status” button and showed them their own ups label i paid for, and shows ups delivered to them , but unresponsive, and no sign of replacement

This company is begging for a billion dollar fine

I can’t even get my drive REGISTERED for RMA.


We have reached out to you via direct message, so we request you kindly check and reply to your DMs so that we can assist you further.

I’m having the same issue and wd customer service has been ignoring me since 12/26. Drive says shipped on 12/20 ups tracking says shipment ready for UPS. This is after them having the drive listed as pending receipt for weeks and then another week or two of silence in-between. This was sent in 11/22. Received 11/28 and my return was supposedly shipped on 12/20 and now 19 days later and after having attempted to contact them multiple times I’ve gotten nowhere. I filed a complaint with the BBB due to the complete radio silence on customer services part and we’ll see if that gets me anywhere.

I have a WD Elements SE, but cannot locate the paperwork associated with this device.
I would like any (and all) information that will allow me to attach this device to my computer, and to get it started and operated without any hassles, and to save to my WD device.
Could someone please advise where I am able to get the necessary information.
Please note that I am very much a new chum when trying to use a computer

My address is johnholloway812@gmail.com