WD IR receiving

Hi to everybody,

I’m just nebie and I would like to share with you my problem; I’ ve just bought the WD Live and I have an annoing problems : when I push the arrow on the remote control for changing menu, the menu start to move fast as a continuately push in the arrow. I try to push and then cover the IR trasmetter (with the hand) but it doesn’t change nothing, menu run fast as above. Then I try to cover the receiver on the WD (closer the ON singnal in the WD) and in this case the receiver works perfectly ( but I don’t like put a stiker in front at the WD).

Anybody else has my similar problems ?

Sorry for my poor english

Thanks a lot in advance


Sounds to me like you have an IR source somewhere that’s interfering with your remote.


   1 ANOTHER remote somewhere that’s transmitting.

   2 Compact Flourescent Lamps.

   3 Some LCD TV Backlights emit IR.

Tony, thanks a lot for your reply, before writing I checked all the remote control (I hide all) swicth off all the lighs. The only way is the plasma but is under the WD so I don’t think is related.