WD Icon in System Tray?

Prior to updating to OS 5 on my Win computer I had a MyCloud Mirror icon in the system tray at the bottom right corner of my screen. With this icon I was able to map drives, open the drive settings, etc.

Since I have updated to OS 5, this icon has disappeared. Is there a way to get the icon back in the system tray?..thanks in advance…John

you talking about WD access ?

@beachfarmer WD Access and WD Quickview are not supported in My Cloud OS 5.

Thanks guys. However, I have also have a 4 TB MyCloud connected to the network. I wish there was a way to backup from MyCloudMirror tothe MyCloud. Anyway, I have copied files to the MyCloud as a backup. However, now I don’t have WD Access or Quickview (which one allows me to map a drive for the MyCloud?) and I don’t know how to map a MyCloud folder on to my laptop. Would there be a conflict with OS 5 if I downloaded either of these?

Any help is appreciated…thanks…John

How To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10

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does not the my cloud mirror in the desk top control panel up in the blue area have a icon of a network
that shows connected USB drive and there is a eject > button

the other NAS unit do ??

I’m missing this app as well. I have always had my drives mapped, but didn’t like giving myself write access through File Explorer in case I was to accidentally delete something. Now, I have to give myself write access to upload files to My Cloud Mirror because the Web interface STINKS and is missing even bare bones functionality, like uploading folders including subfolders.

And of course, after giving myself write access through the firmware, it requires a reboot of the Mirror to take, a further inconvenience that almost seems intentional by WD at this point.

If I still have it on my tray-- is some one going to knock on my door and ask for it back ?

Windows 10, version 21H1