WD Hub & NetFlix, Broadband Speed, Router Setings (Port), etc

One of the things I’m trying to figure out is what it takes for Broadband pipe with NetFliex…think the answer is 1.5Mbps down for SD type quality, 5Mbps for HD. One other thing associated with this is some routers can prioritize ports for games and streaming, I’ve never done this before but have a new Dlink DIR-655.

Anyway, the reason I’m posting here is was wondering what folks out there using Hub with NetFlix have and what they are seeing ?  Also, any idea what ports the WD Hub uses for NetFlix ?


Now that I have a fast internet connection from the cable company, Netflix streaming works quite well. I have an older Airport Extreme router with 10/100 ethernet, and the Hub is on a wired connection. No problem playing HD programs.

I have CLEARWIRE 4G (3-6mbps). The hub is connected to my wifi network via a D-LINK usb wifi adapter. The router is a Linksys E3000. Netflix videos usually start out in semi-decent quality. After about a minute, the quality is excellent. HD videos look like HD (though I have no way of measuring this other than my eyes). Throughout the video, the quality dips every now and then for 10 or 20 seconds, probably due to my non-consistent internet connection (4G). I’d say 85-90% of the video is what I’d consider high-quality. I know this will improve in time, as wireless internet technologies improve.