WD Home Ed + Maxtor = Flashing light


I am wanting to take the 1TB WD drive inside my WD Home Edition and put it inside my G5 Power Mac.  This works.

I then want to take the Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250GB SATA/150 HDD from my G5, and put it into the WD enclosure.  This doesn’t work.

If I connect power to the enclosure with the Maxtor inside, the light fades up/down for a short while, then comes on solid.

BUT, if I connect either USB or Firewire, the light just flashes on and off at approx 1 second intervals.  (Kind of, flashes on solid, then “bounces” off)

Is this a hardware limitation by WD to stop other drives being used in their enclosures?

The Maxtor has a “jumper” on 1 pin - this doesn’t seem to come off, and all of the pin diagrams show it in place (ie whether master, slave, etc), so I don’t think that’s the issue.

I’d love an answer one way or the other… Hoping there is a work-around, as otherwise I’ll have to buy a powered USB hub for my intended AppleTV setup.  :cry:




No one even able to just say - WD wont play with any other brands?

Or - oh yes, just do x y z!

You didn’t need to bump.  You are correct, you cannot use other drives in a WD enclosure.

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Was going insane.  Any answer was better than no answer.

Looks like my dream of universality is a dream.

Time to put my gear back together again.


You CANNOT is Too Agresive , Best Answer Will be the Following :

We Have Not Tested Since this Enclosures Were Designed to be Use with Wd Hard Drives However Even We Have Not Test This , It might Work , You Could Try Doing That But We Do Not Recommend that :slight_smile:

Thats Not Impossible , ‘’ YOU CANNOT’’ Come On!!! :slight_smile:

Actually, I didn’t say “CANNOT.”  I said cannot.  :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahaah Yeap that’s right :slight_smile: