WD HD TV Live Plus

Just picked this little gem up and love it. But I do have one question. Does anyone know a decent metadata generator that pulls info from the likes of IMDB.com and doesnt cost oh, anything. All I have found is either stupidly priced or works for mediaportal, WMCE or WHS. Just dont like scrolling through movies on my server and seeing just icons and not images of the movies themself. All my media is running off Windows Homer Server, hard lined to the miracle box! I did throw a .JPG in the folder with the movie and it did show…5 times on different movies. Not sure what happened there. Any way. Any help on this would be great!




Welcome to the forums, Mike.

No one is replying because no one knows – trust me, you’d get some replies if anyone knew (we’re not shy in here).

You might try that question over at the AVSForums…   They get a lot of biz over there, too…