WD HD TV Live not turning on ... Light continously blinking

Hi Can anybody help… I got my WD HD TV Media player in November 2010 last year from Dubai…It worked fine just for 3 months…past 3 days it refuses to come on…the light continously keeps blinking…I tries to reset it…i tries to put it off for some time and reconnect…i tried removing all connectors and still the problem persists…then I tried downloading the firmware in the root of a USB drive but since the Player wont start up the firmware couldn’t get installed…I only see the WD TV logo on my TV and it stays through out…pls help

Hi guys…can you pls help me with a reply

Have you got a disc connected to the Live. If you have nothing connected and the light is flashing then according to the manual your WDTV is faulty.

1 Power LED

• On—The power cable is connected and the power is on.

• Off—The media player is in standby mode or the power cable is 


• Blinking—A system diagnostic failure has occurred. 

See “Troubleshooting” on page 171.

The TV screen is blank and the media 

player power LED is blinking. 

A system diagnostic failure occurred. Turn off your 

media player, wait 10 minutes, then turn it on again. If 

the same thing happens, contact the WD Technical 

Support for assistance (see “WD Service and 

Support” on page 2).

I have done all of this except calling up the Support Service…i assume the device has failed…do i need to carry it back to Dubai … will i get a immd replacement

Hi, I got my WD TV Live HD 7 days ago and it has the same problem. The power/standby light is blinking continously and all I get on the TV screen is a  WD frozen logo ? page. Has anybody got any answers ? It came from Expansys through Pixmania.