WD HD not rocognized after PC failure

PC crashed.  Troubleshooting indicated motherboard.  Had OS running on two WD 10K RPM 74 GB HDs in RAID 0.

Replaced motheroard.  When re-installing OS the BIOS and Windows would only recognize one of the WD HDs.  It should up w/ now drive letter and not initialized.  I swaped ports on MB and swapped cables from the HD that was working to the other but it still appears one is not working at all.  I got PC up and running on another single HD.

Is there a way to check the one HD to see if it is really totally gone?  I finally had to format the one good one to get it back usable.

Maybe this was not a motherboard issue after all.


have you try attach hard drive one by one(singal) for check which one has problem after see what to do.