WD HD live TV Player does not see WD Live HUB over 5 GHz link

One  Netgear WNHDE111 ( can be configured as a AP or Bridge) is configured as a 5.0 GHz AP with two other WNHDE111’s each in bridge mode.  One remote bridge is connected to the live Hub and the other remote bridge is connected to the HD Live TV player.  The AP, is hardwired to the router where a sharespace is located that also contains media files.  The two 5 GHz links are hardwired (Ethernet connection) to WD deivice described above.

Both remote units and media players can see the Sharespace NAS and both the meida hub and TV live player can play all files on the Sharespace NAS via the 5 GHz links.

The issue is that at one remote, the media player is also a media hub or server which can stream to other devices on the LAN.  The hub is hard connected directly to the remote bridge (WNHDE111)cable and does pass signal to the AP over the 5.0 GHz link.

BUT at the HD Live TV player I can’t see the media hub.  If I disconnect the bridge unit from the media player and make a hard connection from the media player to the router (where the AP is connected), I can then see the media hub that is connected at the other remote end. But only if it is a hard connection??  

Why is this?  I should be able to see media hub at the HD live TV player using the wireless connection just like I see the Sharespace.  Because I can see the Media hub witih a hard connection to the router, indicates that the 5 GHz link from the hub to the AP and router is working fine.

Can someone please explain why or how I might be able to make the wireless connection work? Switching from bridge to automatic mode on the Netgear links makes no diffence.  Remember, the Sharespace works fine at both remote connections over the 5 GHz link. 

Thanks so much!

Now this is weird… Did you check the encryption type? o.o