WD have you changed your manufacturing process? Drives dieing left right & centre

So been a WD fan and buyer for more years then i care to mention and every single data drive i have is either Blacks or Greens, however over the last few weeks 4 have died, yes i kid you not FOUR have died.
2 x 3TB Blacks, 3TB & 4TB Greens, my case is large and very well cooled so heat should not be an issue, i can show pics if they are needed but this many dieing over such a short period of time leads me to ask questions about have you tried to cut costs & corners to maximise profits however this is resulng in a higher failure rate,



Sorry to hear that.

Have you tried contacting WD Support about this? If not, please try that.

I have but it’s not going well it’s taking a long time, we all loose drives now and then but 12TB to go missing in a few weeks is going some.
I will give them more time to come back before if i decide to go with WD or another manf.