WD Hard Disk Given For Replacement, Not Returned After Almost 2 Months and Customer Support Lying


I want to inform you about the quality of service Western Digital providing.

My WD 320 GB Desktop Hard disk went off in June 2012. I called WD customer support and created my RMA.The courier guy picked up my hard disk on 26 th June and when I called customer care, WD confirmed that they received it on 27 th June.The also insistedly said that I will get my replacement under 15 days. Now its been almost 2 monts and I still have not received my Hard disk. Every time I call customer support they tell me new new excuses and take 2-3 more days of time for shipping. But nothing happens. Then I call again only for hearing new stories.I am really tired calling them again and again, while losing my warranty without using it. If this is the Quality of service they give, should I will never buy any Western digital product again and recommend  anyone. 

Please help me.

Here are my details-

Type- desktop internal hard disk

capacity- 320 GB

Serial number- [Deleted]

Product number- WD3200AAJS-00L7A0

RMA number- [Deleted]

Case Number- [Deleted]

Product submitted on 27th June 2012

Hi well I have no idea what your problem could be, unless you got nasty with them. Last month I did a advanced RMA on one of my 300 gig raptors, I received the new drive in 4 days and they gave me 30 days to send the old one back.