WD Green My Book Wont Power On After 220v connection

Just moved to the Germany (220v) and made the mistake of plugging my external hdd into the wall without a transformer. I heard an audible noise and smelled some slight burn. HDD of course won’t power on now :blush: I am more interested in the data and don’t need a long term fix. I’ll be surely plugging it into my 110v/220v 300 watt transformer if I can learn what to do. Reading some of these threads it seems like I can remove the TVS diode that hopefully provided some protections with my recent mishap but I am not sure which one it is. Could someone please reupload one of my images with the correct diode circled? Can I remove with tweezers or fingernail clipper? If there is more than one tvs diode can I remove all? I really just want to get to my data real quick :frowning: read there might even be a freeze the hdd trick to get it to turn on once? desperate timesss

Thank you so much for reading and any advice

Hi, I believe that this has being asked before, have you checked on the internal drives forum?

No I haven’t because my question is specific to external hdd’s. Would I just be able to remove the external assemblage and plug into a sata to usb dock? or if I had a desktop just plug straight into sata connection?

I don’t have either yet so if its just a matter of pulling off a diode with tweezer than that would be awesome. Knowing my luck probably not.


I have been trying to read the faq and follow some of your threads. Mostly I have been seeing that the solution is to remove the tvs diode located at D4 but on my My Book the D4 location doesn’t look like something you can snip off with fingernail clippers. It is really flat. I was wondering if the tvs diode that I need to remove to allow the hdd to be powered on is located someplace else. D4 on my hdd is located close to the rubber piece that connects to the plastic arm. Thank you for your time