WD Gold 12TB makes a LOUD clicking noise once per second. How do I turn this off?

I have a WD Gold 12TB disk, WD121KRYZ-01W0RB0, with 9.5TB free.

Every second, it makes a super loud clicking noise. I have tried disabling indexing and every other software trick I could find. I attempted to “standby” and “stop” the drive, which did not work. I can’t use APM or AAM, either.

Is this PWL? If so, how do I stop this noise?

What disk do you have?

try the disk optimizer in windows and see if that helps

I still have a WD15EADS that still works, I recall all the woes with XP users as this disk used the 4K format that XP is too old to understand

The windows 10 utilities had no effect on the noise.

I had to turn the drive off to get the noise to go away.

I have also noted some loud disks. Worst was the Fujitsu I had back the IDE days as tested with my SPL meter. My Toshiba disk was a bit noisy bit it has quieted down as the disk puts on my hours.