WD False Advertising Speed Claims

So here goes a follow up to my previous thread… RE FALSE ADVERTISING

Issue with WD LIVE TV HUB

When copying mp4 movies to my WD  LIVE TV HUB I am lucky to get 10 MB/sec

the same movie copied to my Seagate go flex NAS 33 MB/sec

Both WD and Seagate advertise 1 gig network connectivity but at least the seagate unit is over 3x faster than the WD unit. neither has 1 gig speed I understand but the WD unit might as well only be a 100 mbit unit as it barely does that.

My point is no one on here or any where else can get anytihing close to a REASONABLE speed out of the unit.

Has anyone tried to copy 1TB of info at 10 MB/sec… I cannot imagine how long it will take and I am not looking forward to it.

I am moving all my stuff over to the Seagate unit and for the player…

The iomega Screenplay TV link I got 6 units on buy.com for $29.99 ea delivered! works perfect, plays files off the WD unit or the GoFlex unit… so guess what? the WD units are for sale now… my whole house is going Seagate and Iomega its playing all formats just as good as the WD unit. and way cheaper!

For sale 1) WD LIVE TV HUB and  1) WD LIVE TV player.

I am sorry but no support, poor equipment, false advertising… heck if it got 33 MB/sec like the go flex does I’d be a happy camper but to only get 10 MB/sec… Is false advertising… I hope some lawyer reads this and lets go get WD to get our $$ back… can you say class action? Anyone?


Well, I don’t know what Seagate device you have, but the only media player that Seagate has is the GOFlexTV.  Which is just a FAT+ (has the same 2.23 firmware) that uses a different drive for it’s bay.  And since both have the same FW and I have a FAT+ I can tell you that neither have 2 way file sharing.

So with the GOFlex you can’t copy files to it, nor can you access the files on the drive connected to it.  Not without mod Fw that was developed by the community, and even then transfer speeds are slow.

Also just to add, the firmware on the GOFlex and FAT+ has not been updated in more than a year and could be considered more or less abandoned.

Also, as it has been mentioned before on numerous occasions, it is NOT false adveritsing.  It is only stated that WDTV Lives have a Gig port, not that they have Gig transfer speeds.