WD External SSD dropped by mistake. not working now

Hi, My WD Passport 2 TB Wired External Solid State Drive got dropped by my cousin & now it’s not recognized in my system. Have I lost all my data?? If data has been lost are there any chances to recover lost data??? Any help would be great… TIA

If it’s physically damaged (platters, actuator arm, read/write heads) then your chances of software recovery are zilch.

A Professional Data Recovery Service should be able to retrieve the data … but, be sitting down when they quote you the cost $$$. (much cheaper to always have a backup of your data when disaster strikes.)

Thanks for your reply @JoeySmyth!! My cousin dropped the drive & it becomes unresponsive. After much of research I thought to give a try to a data recovery software and I reached to Stellar Data Recovery. There I found a blog on how to recover data from not responding hard drive and after following the same I’m able to recover my important data files. Anyways thanks for your help… :slight_smile: