Wd external passpot hard disk not woring in pc

After 6 mont i found issue in WD external hard dik

It’s show data while connecting to tv but when connect to pc or laptop it not show any thing in dis management also

plz help me

I have the same problem… I left my hdd by months without use…  Now that I need some files from the HDD, Its not working, itsnt recognized the HDD by the cpu.

I open the disk managment and found that the disk its not initillized. I was wondering why? Wondering If I will loose my files if I initialize my hdd…  I read for different post but I didnt found somebody that make the test because everybody wants to prevent loosing the files…  I try to initiallizate but my surprise its that its not possible, appears and error. “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”

The disk just appear detected as usb, but doesnt appear in my pc, doesn have any disk drive, any size…

Does exist any way to make work the HDD, what happened¡?? I found many peple that have the same problem…  Does WD its making warranty for a generalized problem?