WD external hard wont pick up on pc

Hey everyone.

Hope someone could help me please???

I have a wd 2.5tb hard drive(usb and powered plug in) that my computer wont pick up…
I am running off windows 7

Oky so the problem is that it doesnt pick up anywhere on my pc ex: computer,disk management or device manager…

If i just plug in the power supply of the ex-HD nothing happens. 
But when i plug in the usb into the pc and ex-HD the light flashes and the ex-HD starts up. 
After a min or so the hard drive stop moving but light still flashes and it stays like that till you unplug the power supply.

I have taken it out of its casing and plug the hard drive directly into a tower computer…

Is there anyone that can help me recover the data on the hard drive or make it work? please and thank you…

You can try the link bellow for a list of partners that provide Data Recovery.


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