WD External Hard Drive not recognized but still hearing it spin and the sounds normal Please help. My Daughter's Baby Pics are on here

So below are what I’ve already done. I changed out the USB cord and tried plugging my external hard drive to multiple ports on my laptop and no dice. Rebooted my computer. Upgrade my windows to 10.

So I’ve tried looking at Device manager, I didn’t see my external drive here. I changed the setting to show hidden drive and still nothing.

I have went to device manager and clicked on universal serial Bus Con and tried update all drivers, Change the power management and un-clicked the allow the computer to turn device off to save power. Went to disk drive to see if theres an error, and Human Interface device to see if I can find and still nothing.

There was a link to check my ports and this is what I got:
—===>Device Information<===—

Current Config Value: 0x01 → Device Bus Speed: High
Device Address: 0x01
Open Pipes: 0
*!*ERROR: No open pipes!

      ===>Device Descriptor<===

bLength: 0x12
bDescriptorType: 0x01
bcdUSB: 0x0200
bDeviceClass: 0xFF → This is a Vendor Specific Device
bDeviceSubClass: 0xFF
bDeviceProtocol: 0xFF
bMaxPacketSize0: 0x40 = (64) Bytes
idVendor: 0x13FDidProduct: 0x160E
bcdDevice: 0x0100
iManufacturer: 0x00
iProduct: 0x00
iSerialNumber: 0x00
bNumConfigurations: 0x01

      ===>Configuration Descriptor<===

bLength: 0x09
bDescriptorType: 0x02
wTotalLength: 0x0012 → Validated
bNumInterfaces: 0x01
bConfigurationValue: 0x01
iConfiguration: 0x00
bmAttributes: 0xC0 → Bus Powered
MaxPower: 0x01 = 2 mA

      ===>Interface Descriptor<===

bLength: 0x09
bDescriptorType: 0x04
bInterfaceNumber: 0x00
bAlternateSetting: 0x00
bNumEndpoints: 0x00
bInterfaceClass: 0xFF → Vendor Specific Device
bInterfaceSubClass: 0xFF
*!*CAUTION: This appears to be an invalid bInterfaceSubClass
bInterfaceProtocol: 0xFF
*!*WARNING: must be set to PC_PROTOCOL_UNDEFINED 0 for this class
iInterface: 0x00
*!*ERROR: 0xFF is the prerelease USB Video Class ID

Any help would be greatly appreciate since I can’t get picture of my daughter back… If I the device is dead, does anyone know a good recovery company? I’m currently station overseas and I’ve exhausted all my options.

Thank you all.

Doesn’t look like the drive has mounted on your PC. You can try another PC or the diagnostic tool WD has.

Contact the WD Support team if further assistance needed.

Thank you for the listing. I’ll continue to try myself since I’m currently deployed for another 3 months until I return home…

Thank you so much. Expect a call from me once I can get reception at my location. I’ll try and find what I can on the WD site. standby.