WD External Drive Questions

I am not sure if my question belongs here or not. 

I have a Windows Home Server which I use as my main File Server.  I would like to backup the WHS, system files and data to a WD external drive.  I know WD makes various types of external drives.   I am looking for a WD external drive that has USB as a port to connect it to WHS.  I wish WD made an external drive with both cloud and USB solutions.

Has anyone used a WD external drive on a WHS?  If so, which model?

If you have used a WD external drive using WD Smartware to backup the WHS, have anyone experienced any problems?


Unfortunately, Smartware is not fully compatible with servers.

Now if you are able to get a software that is fully compatible with the WHS, you should be able to use any WD External drive like the My Book Essential

Thanks for the response.   I have in fact installed WD Smartware on a WHS however I have not used it yet.   I need to update the Smartware on the WHS.   When I go to try to update it, I run into a Net Framework 4 problem.