WD External Drive not showing up

I tried to format my WD External Drive (320 MB) from NTFS to FAT32 using the Acronis True Image software recomended here. It seemed to format it correctly, but suddenly it sopped showing up on my PC. Upon looking for it, I found it under Disk Management, but it was 100% unallocated. I tried formating it through Acronis again, but I got an error (that the disk could not be read). Then I tried formating it through disk management but again I got an error (the drive cannot find the sector requested).

Essentially, it seems I cannot use the hard drive anymore. How can I format it back or at least get it functioning again? 



Ok if the drive is unallocated in Disk Management, right click on the black bar to allocate the drive. If possible post a screenshot of the error.