WD external drive data recovery


I have dropped my wd 2TB external drive and although it only fell a few inches - literally - it now doesn’t work and is making a clicking noise when I plug it into my macbook pro. I ahve always used your products - I have 8 of your hard drives and have never had a problem before - even though i have dropped others - I know they’re not made for dropping :frowning:

The clicking noise that it makes is a regular click click click noise, and the power light is on. I’m a photographer and I have 9 unedited shoots on the drive which is my urgency.I have called a couple of data recovery companies who have quoted £500 and £800. The last company said before I let anybody touch it I should email you and see what advice you have for me or if you are able to help. the serial number is [Deleted]I bought the drive 3 weeks ago. Any advice would be very gratefully received.



Hello Alexts,

Please see the link below to identify the sound that you are getting.

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal

As a recommendation, try testing the drive with the disk utilities on the Mac and test the drive on a different computer. If you are not able to get the drive working, check the link below for more data recovery companies that have experience with our dirves.


Thanks for the info!

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