WD EX4100 firmware failed - Now Flashing RED no web, no ping

EX 4100 has been working for a few years. However during a firmware update we lost power. now system powers on. after 60 seconds the display shows FIRMWARE UPDATE FAILED. power light flashing red. WD display turns off.

Can NOT ping, cant see that is on the network at all.

Can this be recovered using USB boot? on thefront USB or REAR? Do I just format as fat32, then put the firmware .bin file on the root of the usb? tried to rename it to mycloud.bin as well on USB stick to no avail

4 second, 40 second, 2 minute reset. same issue. It attempts to boot but only displays firmware update failed. . Pressing power and holding will result in powering down on the display so its appears that something is running but not far enough to get into web UI and/or safe modes

I had tired different hard drives in slot #1 as well

You will probably get faster help by posting in the correct sub-forum where users with more knowledge about the EX4100 can help you.

If you have OS5 post under this.