WD EX4 no Dashboard access --> How to still perform clean factory install?

Hi All,

Since a few months, my WD EX4 is causing me big troubles…

It loses connection very, very frequently, and accessing the web based dashboard is simply impossible…: it only comes up with the top header and than freezes.
As I was able to access it every now and then via the file explorer I have been able to secure all my data…

In order to solve my problem I have executed multiple times the 4 and 40 seconds reset. Unfortunately that does not bring any result.
Therefore I want to try a clean factory install, but as far as I am aware, that can only be done via the browser-dashboard (which is not working - tried all possible browsers: explorer, firefox, explorer).

How to solve my problem?
I have an WD EX4 (4x 2TB HDD’s). I refuse to accept that I have to throw that all away… I really hope someone knows how to reset or reinstall the entire system, reinstalling the software as well…

Who is able to help me?
Thanks a million!

Checkout the WD Support page.

The manual page should have document on how to do a factory reset without accessing the dashboard.