WD EX2Ultra Performance

Hi All,

My EX2Ultra is fitted with 2x 8TB Seagate IronWolf 7200 rpm drives. I am running RAID 1 w/ encryption enabled.

My Mac Mini is connected Gig-E (same switch) with the EX2Ultra. Running Black Magic Speed Test, I am seeing roughly 60 MB / s for both reads and writes, when the Ultra is relatively idle.

My question is this: if I re-configure the Ultra for RAID 0 with NO encryption, will I see significantly better performance?

I guess what I am really asking is: are others getting better numbers with a different configuration?

Thanks, in advance.

Yes, you will.

RAID-1 w/encryption = about 70 Mbps transfer rate.

RAID-1 w/no encryption = about 107 Mbps transfer rate.

You should stick with RAID-1, just drop the encryption.

Thanks for your reply. I decided to wipe the box and start over.

This time, RAID-0 w/ no encryption. I wanted the extra space and I have 2 other backups for everything on the EX2Ultra.

Here are the results (which are consistent):

Screenshot 2020-02-22 08.48.44