WD EX2 Very Slow on Mac compared to Windows Machine


I have a WD EX2. I have both macs and pcs on my network. I have mapped the wd EX2 as a network drive on both my PC and Macs. It accesses the folders MUCH quicker on the PC for some reason. I am not even talking about transfer speeds. If I open a folder on my WD EX2 on my PC it shows the contents almost immediately. On my Macs (both a laptop and a iMac) it takes many many seconds for it to display the content and sometimes it doesn’t show it at all. I need to go back and go in the folder again. Any thoughts on my the performance differences are so different. My PC is even an older machine than my MacBook.

I even went as far as to do a direct connect of the Ethernet cable to my iMac and the performance in accessing the folders was not improved at all. This was very surprising.

Any help would be appreciated.


What have you tried so far besides a direct connection? Have you tried mapping your shares directly using AFP?

Hello, thank you for replying. I did not try AFP until you mentioned it
but that was not much help. I also did a speed test on my mac. That seems
to be fairly normal…30 mbps write and 70-80 mbps read…I get this
high on some of the parameters the app I downloaded with. it is lower for
specific items. It seems to be an issue with finder? it seems to render
the list very slowly?

any other thoughts on helping with this issue? Read and write speeds are so slow.