WD EX2 ultra can't be read --- resolved ---

Hi i inserted a brand new HD WD Red 6Tb in WD EX2 ultra. after 40 sec, drive light turn blue to red.
I can’t set it up via WD my cloud web site… HELP!

The WD MyCloud website on the internet? Or the device dashboard you access via your web browser?

The dashboard should have a section for Raid configuration of a new drive.

the WD web site don’t see it and same thing with local web browser.
on Mac via network i can see EX2 Ultra but can t access it

Are you familiar with the device dashboard?

Access the dashboard by typing the device name or the ip address of the device into the web browser.
Login as the device admin on the dashboard.
I think the information you seek will be under the “utilities” tab of the dashboard.

i am at work now will check it later on … thank very much! :slight_smile:

Post is marked as “RESOLVED”. What did you do to resolve the issue?

i finally connect via mycloud dashboard as admin so i could format the disk…

Ah, OK, thanks for the update.